Slot pay tables and how they determine payouts

Slot pay tables and how they determine payouts

The keys to maximizing your wins at online slots understand the pay table. These invaluable resources show the possible symbol combinations and payouts for different levels of play. Read on for a complete guide on interpreting and utilizing slot pay tables to their full advantage.

What is a slot pay table?

The pay table outlines winning combinations, payout amounts, special features, and overall rules for a slot game. All symbols and potential prizes are listed along with details like:

  1. Number of reels, rows and paylines 
  2. Wild, scatter and bonus symbols 
  3. Multiplier values
  4. Free spins and bonus rounds
  5. Progressive jackpots
  6. Return-to-player (RTP) percentage
  7. Hit frequency
  8. Min/max bet sizes

Pay tables can be accessed directly within slots games, and demo modes often include them. They’re a trove of intelligence for optimizing play.

Pay-out presentation

There are a few common ways that slot pay tables display payout information: 

  • Multiplier notation (e.g. 300x) indicating a prize 300x your bet 
  • Money amounts (e.g. $150) specifying the flat payout value   
  • Coins indicating non-cash prizes that accumulate

Some pay tables have payouts corresponding to bet levels, like offering bigger prizes at max bet. Compare and play at sizes with the top rewards.

Finding Profitable Combinations 

The best use of slot pay tables is identifying the most lucrative symbol combinations. Sort paylines by total payouts and target combos that:

  • Pay out at higher coin sizes (so place max bets)
  • Feature stacked high-value symbols like wilds 
  • Contain symbols that trigger bonuses like scatters

The pay table lets you quantify the profit potential of symbol groups before you even spin.

Using payouts to determine volatility

Pay tables also reveal a slot’s volatility. Games with frequent small payouts are lower variance, while slots offering fewer but massive jackpots are high variance. You can tailor playstyle based on volatility preferences.

Comparing RTPS

Pay tables include the RTP (return-to-player) percentage which indicates overall payouts over many spins. You can compare RTPs across similar slot games to pick options with greater odds and win potential. Understand the fairness of slot games at get more information here

Unlocking all features

Pay tables tell you how to access expansive features like free spins, pick-me rounds and progressive jackpots. Often larger bets are needed to unlock top prizes. Maximize your feature eligibility.

Guiding bonus play

When using slot bonuses, the pay table shows which symbols and bets contribute most to fulfilling wagering requirements to clear your bonus effectively. Target those profitable combo options. There’s immense power in understanding exactly how a slot determines payouts. While results come down to the RNG, pay tables give you information to make smart bets based on profit potential. The more knowledgeable you are, the better your chances to win at slots in the long run.